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Payment Services

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We can incorporate your company onshore or offshore and also provide you nominee services

Cyprus Company Incorporation

From €1800

  • Low corporate tax
  • Double tax treaties
  • EU member state
  • Fast incorporation procedures
  • Tax exemption for incoming dividends

UK Company Incorporation

From €1000

  • Simplified tax procedure
  • Globally respected jurisdiction
  • No Registered Agent
  • Easily accessible information
  • Corporation tax will drop to 17%

Belize Company Incorporation

From €1950

  • Confidential ownership details
  • Confidential banking information
  • Simple incorporation procedure
  • Zero tax exposure
  • Company Secretary not required

Saint Vincent and The Grenadines

From €2100

  • No tax on income or profits
  • No requirement to file audited accounts
  • No license requirement for Forex Brokerages or Financial Service Institutions
  • Low Government and annual fees
  • Only 1 Director required

Marshall Islands

From €2100

  • No nationality restriction on Shareholders
  • No restriction on operating outside of the Marshall Islands
  • No requirement for Director meetings
  • Fully confidental Director, Beneficial Owner and Shareholder Details
  • Zero tax for non-resident companies

Need another jurisdiction?

From €1000

  • Incorporate a Scotland Limited Partership (LP) €1000
  • Incorporate a USA Delaware Limited Liability Company (LLC) €1000
  • We are also able to incorporate companies in the Seychelles, Hong Kong, Canada and many other jurisdictions


If you are looking to start a Financial Brokerage or are looking to start operations with a company that requires a license, we can assist you the whole way

CySEC License

  • Timeframe: 5-9 months
  • Choose from an STP or MM License
  • Paid up capital from €125,000
  • License Government Application fee €4000 + 19%VAT
  • Investor Compensation Fund from €20,000

Belize License

  • Timeframe: 4 months
  • Respected offshore jurisdiction for licensing
  • Simple licensing procedure and quick processing
  • License fee $25,000
  • License renewal Government fee $25,000

Labuan License

  • Timeframe: 2.5 - 3.5 months
  • Paid up capital RM300,000 (unimpaired by losses) or equivalent in foreign currency ($90,000 recommended)
  • License fee $500
  • License renewal Government fee $1200


Banking is, and always has been a difficult scenario for most industries. We have worked hard to build long lasting and trusting relationships with over 20 Banking Institutions to allow our clients to benefit and obtain bank accounts where others cannot.

Millenium Bank - Poland

  • Opening fee €3500
  • Solid and stable Banking Institutions
  • Friendly to Forex Brokerages
  • Currency accounts in USD, EUR and GBP

Deutsche Kontor Privatbank - Germany

  • Opening fee €1500
  • Respected German Bank
  • Modern and vibrant Banking Institution
  • Low exchange rates

Bank of Cyprus - Cyprus

  • Opening fee €2500
  • Friendly banking environment
  • Open to Offshore Jurisdictions
  • Global fund receiving ability

And many, many more...

  • Opening fees from €2500
  • Bank accounts in Asia and Offshore
  • Solid Tier 1 Banking Institutions
  • IBAN services and currency exchange available

Payment Services

Whether you are looking for a better rate from your PSP, the ability to reach further markets or are looking to increase your ways of receiving funds, we can assist you.


Wire Transfer Services

  • Virtual IBAN's to receive funds
  • Currency Exchange platforms
  • Segregated/Custodial Accounts
  • High value transactions

Card Acquiring

  • Mastercard and Visa
  • AMEX and JCB acquiring
  • Global Direct MID's
  • Pre-paid card services

and much more...

  • E-Wallet and Vouchers
  • Local Payment Methods
  • Over 200 APM's
  • Just get in touch...

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